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The truck you need when you need it.

Why rent a forklift truck from us?

The answer starts with high-quality Toyota and BT products. With more than 100 years’ combined heritage, you can count on the quality, reliability and performance of our equipment, whether you are renting it for a day or for several years.

In addition to renting you the best trucks on the market, our rental solutions are designed to meet your operational and financial requirements while eliminating many of the risks that come with ownership. And to complete the package we provide customer support that is second to none.

For the best trucks, the best service, the best advice and the best back-up, rent from us.

From 1 day to 7 years – always flexible, always responsive and always economical

Our objective is to help meet all of your rental requirements – all of the time.

We can help you optimize your fleet with anything from a single hand pallet truck to a complete operational fleet, from 1 day to 7 years. We can advise you about combining different rental equipment, different rental periods and rental plans in order to provide you with the best overall solution.

Short Term Hire

How do you respond swiftly to changes in your operating environment or meet urgent requests from your customers?  Our Short-term Rental plan provides the answer, as it gives you the flexibility to quickly adjust the size of your core fleet.  Alternatively, Short-term rental can provide you with a forklift truck in order to meet a specific need for a specific period of time.

Whatever your circumstances, we can usually help.  One call will take care of all your needs and give you access to trucks from our Short-term Rental fleet. Whether you are an experienced logistics professional or are new to the world of lift trucks, we will deal with your enquiry speedily and efficiently to ensure that you obtain the best possible solution.

Long Term Hire

We have the forklift trucks to meet all your core fleet requirements.  You can specify the truck that meets your requirements exactly and benefit from a highly competitive rental price by option for a longer fixed term rental period of up to 7 years.